AVOSKIN Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence 100ml

Size 100 ml
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The Superior and Most Wanted Product from Avoskin. During 2017, PHTE has been 5x sold out in less than one day, one month 0 stock, and re-arranged into nano particle with watery texture with objective to increase the absorption of the active ingredients.

Inspired by one of the popular ingredients in Europe, chamomile flower, Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence or better known as Avoskin PHTE will be your skin savior! Enriched with the combination of chamomile extract, rosehip oil, 4x ETVC, mineral, and antioxidant, Avoskin PHTE will nourish your skin with penetrating into the deepest layers. Your skin will looks brighter, moist, and radiant from day to day. This holy-grail formula also can preventing all the skin problems that caused by free radicals, such as sun exposure or pollution. It will soothing your skin to make your skin stay hydrated along the day. Having a bright, smooth, and hydratedskin just by one touch? Now, it's your turn to answer the challenge through Avoskin PHTE!


- Hydrating your skin and balancing your skin's pH.
- Restore and maintain skin elasticity to be well-preserved.
- Helps to brighten your skin with radiant look.
- Nourishing your skin maximally into the deepest layer, so the skin regeneration process will be run perfectly.
- Maximizes the penetration process on the skin, so the products used in the next step can be easily absorbed into the skin.
- Preventing all skin problems; acne, blemish, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dull skin, fine lines, etc.
- Can be used as primer before using make up, for a long lasting result.

How It Feels
Soothing and cooling sensation, sticky in 3-5 seconds after you used until it absorbed perfectly.

Semi-gel into liquid.


AVOSKIN Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence 100ml

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